Tarot Card Reader

Memo joins us from Fort Myers, Florida where he ran into Mrs. Judie by chance! Or was it? He’s a deeply spiritual person who says he is guided by his spirits and the universe to stay in-tune with the world around him. He reads into the psychic energy in a person’s life to clear their minds and help them see the open paths in front of them.

Blessed with two loving parents, he was shown to respect others and help wherever he could. He says the desire to find people and help them in their lives is “built inside”. Memo has found a way to accomplish this through his work with tarot cards! He has been reading for close friends and for himself since he was 21.

We asked Memo how his tarot card readings help his clients. He said “They help people to develop clarity, confirm their intuitions, and they allow a path to form under their own free will. We focus our energy into finding the answers they need.”

”Be open, don’t be scared, don’t expect a miracle. Allow yourself to believe the answers will come!”

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