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Psychic Reader Nisha

Nisha Jackson hails from Fort Myers, Florida where she helps new and returning clients with psychic readings over the phone every day.  Nisha is proud to say she comes from a difficult upbringing, but with Ms. Judie’s help, she’s not only been able to turn her own life around, but the lives of those she helps.  Since her first psychic cleansing with Judie, she says her life has been on the upswing.  Nisha says, “Ever since that moment life has been so great for me… I connect with my spirit like I never have before me and my four children live and love life to the fullest.”

Nisha has always felt she had what she calls her “spider sense”, and has used the power of Tarot cards to help her clients work through difficult issues. “My readings help people with the good, the bad, and the ugly . I love what I do, who I am, and I always tell people my story just so they know how life can be beyond what you ask for!”