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Psychic Reader Kheila

Say Hello to Psychic Reader Kheila!

I was born Kheila Deanne Reyes in Cape Coral, FL at Cape Coral hospital. I had the luxury of having such a great step dad that he found it best to adopt me and give me his last name Perez. I will always be a Reyes by default. A fun fact is Reyes means Kings in Spanish. So I come from a long line of Puerto Rican kings! My whole life I had the gift of sight and meaningful dreams. Almost always my dreams mean something or they come true. The gift of sight comes from my mother, we can see and feel things that others may not. Although I am biracial (half black half Puerto Rican) I was raised to embrace my Taino roots more than anything. I carry many of my indigenous ancestors with me through song or spirit and sometimes even dance. I have two sons whom I know will pass on the legacy of sight just like their grandmother and hers before her. I am blessed to have known Mrs.Judie or as I like to call her auntie or titi, almost my whole life. She has pushed me to embrace my gifts in order to be who I was meant to be. Through tarot cards I am able help others understand their path in life and perhaps even guide them through troubles. I don’t like to inform people of troubles they will have to overcome but I know I must.
Bonus fact: my favorite color is purple and I love the moon!