Psychic Reader Angie

Say Hello to Psychic Reader Angela Niggl!

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Angela relocated to Alaska in 2018.  To her, there are no “Psychic” readings, only her unique and intuitive perspective on life that helps people see their own issues in a new and productive light.

At the young age of only three years old, Angie knew she had the gift.  “I could read my parent’s minds,” she said in one interview.  Although it’s common for psychic intuitives like Angie to discover such gifts at a young age, she says she didn’t begin to use her gift to help others until she became an adult.

After three years in the industry, and working with, Angie has seen and heard it all.  When asked how her readings have helped her clients, Angie says, “My readings help others see what is happening in their lives, and helps them heal from what hurt them.”

Angie’s number one piece of advice for those looking to find psychic readers online is to be open-minded.  “Don’t look at things from a one-sided view!”, she says.  “Keep your eyes open for the whole picture, not just what is in front of you.  You will be surprised with the change!