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This handmade by Miss Nisha Yemaya altar plate is a sacred item used in Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin religious traditions, particularly within the Yoruba religion and its diasporic forms, such as Santería and Candomblé. Yemaya, often referred to as the Mother of All, is a revered deity associated with motherhood, fertility, the ocean, and the protection of children. The Yemaya altar plate holds significant spiritual and symbolic importance in worship and ritual practices.

  1. Devotional Offering: The Yemaya altar plate serves as a devotional offering to honor and connect with the energy and blessings of Yemaya. Devotees place the plate on an altar dedicated to Yemaya as a gesture of reverence and gratitude.
  2. Symbolic Elements: The plate is adorned with symbols and images associated with Yemaya, such as the crescent moon, waves, shells, or representations of the ocean. These symbols are meant to invoke the spirit and attributes of Yemaya.
  3. Altar Decor: The plate is a central decorative element on the Yemaya altar, contributing to the overall sacred atmosphere. Altars dedicated to Yemaya often include other items such as candles, water, seashells, and offerings of fruits or sweets.
  4. Ritual Use: During ceremonies and rituals, practitioners may use the Yemaya altar plate as a focal point for offerings, prayers, or other ritual acts. It can also be used to hold offerings like fruits, flowers, or other symbolic items that are presented to Yemaya.
  5. Connection with Ancestors: Yemaya is often considered a motherly figure and protector of families. The altar plate may be used to honor ancestors and seek the blessings and guidance of Yemaya in matters related to family, fertility, and maternal care.
  6. Energetic Alignment: Devotees believe that the Yemaya altar plate serves as a conduit for spiritual energy, creating a sacred space where individuals can connect with the divine forces associated with Yemaya.


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