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Introducing this powerful candlework that has been carefully crafted to enhance your energy and elevate your vibration. Designed to banish any stagnant or negative energy that may be holding you back, this candle provides the perfect opportunity to reset and restore your state of mind. Typically burned on my personal altar after I have prepared it specifically for you, you now have the option to receive it by mail and personally ignite it for maximum effect. Please note that the shipping cost will be separate as the price mentioned is solely for the burning service. This offering has received remarkable feedback and has proven to be incredibly effective. To get started, all I need is your name and a picture. Once purchased, simply reach out to me through the inbox and I will provide you with the necessary phone number to send your picture. Elevate your energy and embrace the positive transformation with this exceptional candlework.


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Vibrational Energy Clearing Candlework | Clear Mind & Soul | Personalized for You