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It’s important to note that “binding” practices should always be approached with caution and ethical consideration. Binding spells are intended to influence the will or actions of another person, and they should only be used with the utmost respect for the free will and autonomy of all individuals involved. Additionally, it’s crucial to obtain consent from all parties before attempting any form of binding spell.

With that in mind, here’s a general outline of how one might use a binding mate kit:

  1. Setting Intentions:
    • Begin by setting clear and ethical intentions for the use of the binding mate kit. Consider why you feel the need to bind someone to you and whether this aligns with their best interests and your own ethical standards.
  2. Preparation:
    • Gather all the items included in the binding mate kit, including the coffin, simulated person (often called a poppet or effigy), string, herbs, and oil.
    • Take a moment to center yourself and focus on your intentions for the ritual.
  3. Constructing the Effigy:
    • Use the simulated person provided in the kit to represent the individual you wish to bind. You may customize the effigy to resemble the person, if desired, by adding personal items or writing their name on it.
    • Fill the coffin with the herbs provided in the kit, which may include herbs associated with binding or control.
  4. Binding Ritual:
    • Place the effigy inside the coffin, surrounded by the herbs.
    • Use the string provided to bind the effigy, symbolizing your desire to bind or control the individual’s actions.
    • As you tie each knot, focus on your intentions for the binding and visualize the person’s actions being restricted or influenced according to your will.
    • Anoint the effigy with the oil provided in the kit, further imbuing it with your intentions for the binding.
  5. Activation and Disposal:
    • Once the effigy is bound and anointed, you may choose to activate the binding by speaking aloud your intentions or reciting a specific incantation.
    • After the ritual is complete, carefully dispose of the effigy and any remaining materials in a respectful and environmentally conscious manner. Some may choose to bury the effigy, while others may opt for other methods of disposal.

It’s essential to remember that the ethics of binding spells are complex, and they should only be used in situations where all parties involved have given informed consent and where the spell aligns with the highest good of all concerned. Additionally, always approach binding spells with caution and respect for the potential consequences of your actions.


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Til Death Do Us Part Kit