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In a relationship, burning a “Come to Me” candle associated with Santa Muerte could serve several purposes, depending on the intentions of the individual performing the ritual:

  1. Reconciliation: The burning of the candle might symbolize a desire for reconciliation and healing within the strained relationship. The individual may seek Santa Muerte’s assistance in fostering understanding, communication, and forgiveness between themselves and the other party involved.
  2. Attraction: The candle could be used to attract the attention and presence of the other person, encouraging them to come closer emotionally or physically. This could be especially relevant if there has been distance or emotional withdrawal in the relationship.
  3. Resolution of Conflict: Burning the candle may signify a wish for resolution of conflicts or tensions within the relationship. The individual might seek Santa Muerte’s guidance and support in finding peaceful resolutions to disagreements or misunderstandings, fostering harmony and unity between both parties.
  4. Clarity and Insight: Sometimes, burning a “Come to Me” candle is not just about drawing the other person closer but also about seeking clarity and insight into the dynamics of the relationship. The individual may ask Santa Muerte to shed light on the underlying issues causing strain and provide guidance on how to navigate them effectively.

It’s important to note that while burning such a candle can be a meaningful ritual, it’s not a substitute for actively addressing the root causes of the strained relationship through open communication, empathy, and mutual effort. Additionally, individuals should always approach spiritual practices with respect and integrity, honoring the free will and boundaries of others involved.


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Santa Muerte Come To Me Candle