SAGE (Bundled)

   We have several sizes of fresh sage smudge sticks available for use.This is the most widely known tool in the spirituality tool box! Even people who aren’t spiritual or practice any certain type of spirituality know what Sage is. Dating back to the Native Americans sage has been burned for Generations. Also known as smudge sticks oh, sage has been used across the world to clear out negative energy and bring peace and positivity to the area. Simply burn it and bless your home with the unique fragrance it puts off. It’s scientifically known that Sage will kill 99.9% of any bacteria or virus in the air. This is extremely beneficial especially in a time where we are dealing with viruses and trying to stay protected is a top priority. So whether you are using it for health purposes or to maintain a spiritually clean and peaceful space, you definitely need to add this to your routine.


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Sage Bundle