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Introducing our powerful and essential tool for reversing bad energy , rootwork , witchcraft etc… – the highly blessed and dressed Reverse that Shit candle. Are you feeling an overwhelming weight of bad vibes, witchcraft, or negative energies directed your way? You don’t have to endure it any longer! With this enchanted candle, you have the ability to catch that malevolent energy in its tracks and swiftly send it right back to its source, multiplied times 100! Crafted with exquisite attention to detail and meticulously blessed with divine energies, this candle serves as a potent shield against any harmful intentions. Allow its flickering flame to cleanse, uplift, and grant you the peace you deserve. Embrace its mystical powers to manifest a vibrant aura of positivity and protection. Don’t let negative energies dictate your life – take control and send that shit back with our mystical candle.



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Reversible Candle – Ward off Witchcraft and Negative Vibes with Powerful Blessings!