**Ms. Judie Custom Cleansing Bath**


Cleansings are an extremely important practice in maintaining a healthy spirit. A number of people go their whole lives without Ever Getting cleansed. A large number of us still carry a lot of negative energy or trauma of some sort that needs to be cleansed from our spirit. Also, we come in contact with all types of energy in our day-to-day life. Not all of it is good energy. But there is no way around interacting with people on some level and unfortunately we pick up their energy when we deal with them! So the only way to cleanse our spirit is to get a cleansing. Well Miss Judie has you covered! She has created a cleansing you can do in the privacy of your home all by yourself! Each batch is handmade and individually blessed by Miss Judie herself! Guaranteed for maximum results, her personal custom cleansings will leave you feeling completely refreshed and free of any negative or impure energy! Just like you would go to a doctor for regular check-ups, your Spirit is no different! These are Custom made and hand-crafted from all natural and sacred ingredients so supplies are limited! 100% guaranteed till leave you feeling lighter on your feet and brand new!


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Ms. Judie Custom Cleansing Bath