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Experience the power of purification with our Hands On Cleansing service! Have you been cursed, rooted, or had witchcraft put on you? Are you feeling stuck? Heavy? Surrounded by negativity? It’s time to cleanse those vibes and make way for the positive! At Readings by Judie, we understand the importance of cleansing not just our physical space but our spiritual aura too. Our Hands On Cleansing service is a unique, personalized spiritual cleanse that is designed to rejuvenate your energy, restore your balance, and prepare you for new blessings. Our team, led by the gifted Mrs. Judie and Master Shaman Tim, are here to guide you on this powerful journey. Say goodbye to all that doesn’t serve you and open up to the influx of positivity, love, and prosperity! Are you ready to cleanse and renew? Begin your spiritual cleanse TODAY! Click the link below to get started on your journey towards a brighter, lighter YOU! Also, safeguard your new beginning with our highest level of protection, which is highly recommended. But if that isn’t financially feasible , you can go with our protection bracelet to start with.

After your payment is made , please call 877-377-5512 to schedule your personalized day and time.


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Escape the Curse: Elevate Your Spirit with our Hands On Cleansing Service!