Welcome to Readings By Judie, where our experienced practitioner Mrs. Judie has been lending her powerful assistance in major court cases for years. With a deep connection to both the spirit realm and the Earth, Mrs. Judie has been blessed with the ability to manifest positive outcomes in numerous serious cases. *DISCLAIMER* At Readings by Judie, we firmly hold the belief that everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. Our mission is to support individuals on their quest for justice, regardless of their circumstances. It should be noted, however, that we reserve the right to decline any case based on the energy we are receiving. If you’re seeking guidance and support through a challenging legal battle, look no further than our services at Readings By Judie. With compassion and intuition, Mrs. Judie will work alongside you, utilizing her unique gifts to bring forth clarity, empowerment, and the potential for a more favorable outcome. Trust in the wisdom of the spirit and let us help you find the justice you deserve. Prices do vary depending on the charge and how many charges.


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Energy-Based Assistance for Serious Court Cases – Trust Mrs. Judie’s Expertise and Reputation