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Introducing our authentic Graveyard Dirt, collected with utmost respect and permission from a historic Civil War cemetery nestled in the serene countryside of Buckingham Fl. This sacred dirt carries the influence and power of the deceased, making it a cherished ingredient in traditional folk magic and witchcraft. With a rich history dating back to the 1800s, this cemetery holds 11 meticulously maintained graves of Civil War veterans and is one of the remaining private cemeteries in Lee and Collier counties. Believed to enhance the effectiveness and spiritual properties of rituals and spells, our Graveyard Dirt can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you’re seeking protection, invoking love, or imbuing curses, this powerful symbolic tool forms a profound link with ancestors and spirits of the dead. It is commonly used in offerings to Deities associated with death and ancestor work. Not just limited to negative magic, Graveyard Dirt has found its place in love enchantments and protective spells as well. The respect with which this dirt was collected ensures its integrity and potency. Handled with care and packaged in a convenient 2oz. size, this Graveyard Dirt is an essential ingredient for anyone seeking to add a touch of ancestral energy and spiritual significance to their rituals and practices. Unlock the extraordinary power of the deceased with our authentic Graveyard Dirt.


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Authentic Graveyard Dirt from Historic Civil War Cemetery – Enhance Your Rituals and Spells