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We have worked over 1000 cases including 76 big celebrity cases. All with a happy outcome.


At Readings By Judie, Mrs. Judie has been providing assistance with major court cases for years. She’s been highly blessed to work with the spirit and the Earth to bring more positive outcomes to dozens of serious cases.


Here at Readings by Judie, we believe that everyone is innocent until PROVEN guilty. We are here to help anyone in their search for justice. With that being said, we have the right to turn down any case based on the energy we are receiving. We believe in spreading love, light, and peace, and will stand on that no matter how much money is involved. Thank you all and have a blessed day!

There are no guarantees on spiritual work.

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Case Dismissal

Many of Mrs. Judie’s cases have resulted in release or dismissal of the defendant.


Significantly Reduced Time

Not every court case ends ideally for the defendant, but those who have worked with Mrs.Judie have often received significantly less time on their sentence than was thought possible.