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Readings by Judie in Lehigh Acres, FL offers our home-cleansing kits as well as personalized services for spiritual rituals for the enhancement of your home’s positive energy. I am not religion based, I work with the Earth. Our local service is available in your home or place of business.

Whether you wish to purchase a reading, do-it-yourself home-cleansing kit, complete with candles, sprays, sage bundles, and patchouli products, or choose to enlist our experience in home-cleansing, our practices have been reported to help alleviate negative energy in the home for a more productive, peaceful life.

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Spiritual Candles

Candles have been used for thousands of years as important tools for religious, spiritual, and ceremonial purposes. When focusing on healing the spirit or manifesting positive changes in your life, candles can play a powerful and supportive role. Candles have proven to be effective in creating spiritual energy or redirecting energy that has gone astray. […]

How to Choose a Psychic Reader

We’ve worked with a lot of clients, both near and far, to help them with their struggles in life with our psychic readings, blessings, cleansings, and more. Often our clients tell us how glad they are they found us, but also how difficult it was to find real psychic readers who resonate with them! Take […]