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Home and Personal Cleansing

At Readings By Judie, we’re proud to offer full hands-on cleansings which include egg cleansing, our special remedy from the Amazon, energy work, and Sananga.

Our bodies, the situations we are in, and even the objects we hold are all created from energy.
Energy is everywhere, and we find ourselves surrounded by both the positive and the negative at all times.
While setbacks and hard times are unavoidable facts of life, ignoring the negative energy that accumulates over time will cause it to fester and effect your relationships, your overall feelings of positivity, and your personal well-being.

When the negative feelings in your life begin to take a toll on your emotional state and mental health, it’s absolutely crucial that you take a moment to reflect and to evaluate your inner energy.

This is where Readings by Judie can help.

One of our clients after a cleansing.

Our cleansing process will help you relieve yourself from negative energy and stop it from totally consuming your life.
Our cleansing products and rituals are beautifully useful tactics for keeping your spirits positive, full, and pure.
By dissolving the bleakness in your psyche and bringing the negative energy that’s holding you down to the forefront, we will pinpoint the cause of your energy imbalance and help you set things right.

A great way to keep your environment vibrant, peaceful, and full of positive energy.

Using different techniques and rituals to to get rid of darker entities and earthbound spirits, and to remove stagnant and negative energy from a space.

Contact us for custom pricing. Every home and situation is different, so contact us for custom pricing.

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Cleansing and Healing

Having a clean home and body is imperative to living a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

While many of our clients are proud of the success they’ve accomplished in life, they often feel like they’ve neglected some of the spiritual aspects of their lifestyle.
Cleansing, healing, and enhancing the energy of your home can have drastic effects in other areas of your life.
Home is where we rest, where we recover, and where we go to be at peace.

Whether you’ve just bought a new home, need help changing bad habits, or just need a burst of fresh, positive energy, Certified Shaman Tim Burroughs can help.
Take a look at the information below to learn more about the methods, tools, and techniques behind his home cleansing and healing rituals.

We like to say our cleanses are equal to a life reset. 

Tools of the Trade


Still used by ancient tribes deep in the heart of the Amazon, Sananga has long been used both as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with Ayahuasca.
Long hidden from the world of traditional western medicine, word of this powerful substance is slowly reaching the rest of the world thanks to its potential to address a spectrum of physical and psycho spiritual afflictions.

Sananga is fantastic for detoxifying the body, clearing long-standing anger and grudges, and can help with other disorders such as addiction, anxiety, and depression.
Sananga treatments reset the body’s energetic field to correct spiritual diseases (panema) that can accumulate in a person’s body to negatively effect their mood.
Sananga also offers its users increased visual perception and will enhance the colors of your surroundings!


Created and cultivated by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest, Hapé has long been used as a sacred tobacco snuff.
Pronounced “haa-pay”, it is often used to form deep connections to spirits, animals, and Mother Nature.
It is a powerful cleansing agent for the mind, body, and soul.
Hapé leaves posses none of the negative qualities found in the heavily commercialized and genetically hybridized versions of tobacco most consumers are familiar with.
The Hapé leaves are grown with deep reverence for the tobacco and for Mother Earth.
The plant was also revered by the Native Americans who called it a “Godfather Medicine” flowing with ancient wisdom and the ability to carry our prayers to the creator.

The Hapé we use for our rituals takes days to make in a labor intensive process performed in a ceremonial way. We use various trees, leaves, and seeds from Amazonian and native lands.