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Your Action/Reaction

Your action and reaction are two sides of the same coin. Every action we take elicits a reaction, whether it be positive or negative. It’s

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Patchouli Oil

Because I think it’s important to instill knowledge so from time to time , so when I have time here you go.?Patchouli oil has been

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spiritual warfare

Powerful Spiritual warfare

Spiritual warfare; knowing when to sit tight or if it’s time to fight back! Spiritual warfare is definitely not for the faint of heart Spiritual

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Most Important Spiritual Items

The 2 most important ingredients in any spiritual work…Your own energy and Intent! “Speak it into existence”, “Get out of your head”, “Your thoughts become

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Religion/Spirituality blog

If you’re going to bring up religion and spiritual practices within the same sentence, then I’m sure you have probably mentally prepared yourself for some

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