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After a long day of our bodies running around picking up all the dirt and toxins we came into contact with, I’m sure for most of us it’s become a no-brainer to jump in the shower and purge ourselves of all that unwanted excess. We need that sense of resetting ourselves so we don’t drag the old stuff into the next day. But just like our bodies require upkeep, so does our soul and mind.

Spiritually cleansing

Spiritually cleansing should be as important as visiting your doctor regularly.

When our body is in need of a little maintenance we can start to feel foggy, less enthusiastic and fall off track and the same can be said when we’re in need of a spiritual cleanse.

Whether it’s burning sage, a spiritual bath, limpia con huevo(egg cleanse), or a heavy duty spiritual cleanse by having Hapé administered to you through a shaman, we have an abundance of options to choose from to fit our lifestyle these days.

Some people will go through most of their life without spiritually cleansing, therefore allowing themselves to only live up to half of their potential. We’ve all had our fair share of trauma, bad decisions and draining relationships or situations.

But even after we’ve physically left those lessons behind, did you know the negative energy and damage can follow us into our next chapter? Compromising our blessings and future endeavors? Spiritually cleansing and ridding ourselves of this baggage is essential to our growth. Just like any healthy routine though, the 2nd most important step is maintaining that balance and upkeep.

After a bath we wouldn’t allow ourselves to jump back in that mud or around the things that got us dirty in the first place, and the same goes for “spiritual hygiene”. You have to prepare yourself to acknowledge the problem areas and make the changes to avoid them.

If it’s good for you then it won’t interfere with your purpose and betterment.

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