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Losing loved ones can be devastating and a life changing core memory.

Losing someone you love can be devastating and a life changing core memory. But if you are one of the growing numbers in people who believe in an afterlife, spirits and your loved ones watching over you then it can make it a little easier finding comfort during that transition.

Regardless of their physical absence they’re not as far away as it may feel sometimes. If anything they’re actually closer to us than they’ve ever been. Of course we may not be able to pick up the phone and make plans for drinks and a good long talk like we used to, but if you pay close attention the signs of their prominent hand in our lives can be right in our faces.

Some feel this interaction by angel numbers and the repetition of them during certain times in our lives, dreams and reoccurring dreams, lights and electrical appliances flickering, many may seek mediums for closure, maybe when you feel like you need them most all of a sudden a specific song with attachment towards them might come on the radio, feeling random chills, and some people have even been able to see, feel or hear their loved ones after their passing.

Every culture has their own way of celebrating their loved ones after passing. Some might go the graveyard to bring flowers and sentimental objects while having a quick chat. In other places we have a vibrant and detailed day referred to as Dia de los Muertes. Where we will spend a few days dressing up, lighting candles and leaving out favored offerings to those who have passed.

There’s also some households who understand the importance of taking care of their deceased ancestors and create year round altars to offer them for all of their protection and guidance while they’re in the spiritual realm.

Of course everyone is going to have their own outlook on this subject and most of it will be biased towards their own personal feelings and experiences, but no matter how you may choose to embrace or celebrate those relationships I strongly believe it is reciprocated.

They’re now following us through every step of life protecting and guiding us along the way. Because if we’re really going to be truthful, who would make a better guardian angel than someone who already loves and knows us like our loved ones.

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