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The 2 most important ingredients in any spiritual work…Your own energy and Intent! “Speak it into existence”, “Get out of your head”, “Your thoughts become your reality”! These are all terms I’m sure we’ve heard quite a few times throughout our life, but do they actually hold a deeper meaning?

The book definition of intention is “a thing intended; an aim or plan”. Any random object or ingredient can all of a sudden hold a much higher purpose once we put our intentions into it. Candles, pens, parchment-paper, herbs & oils and all the way down to the words we speak. All of these tools hold no meaning or power without the energy of intentions being put forth into them.

FEEL it, BELIEVE it and SPEAK it into the universe so you can give your dreams life. Quit overthinking, dwelling and doubting yourself. If you don’t believe in your own dreams then why should you expect the universe to?

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