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Have you ever heard the saying “Life is what you make it”? Or “You create your own reality”? Well, these aren’t just sayings. There’s a lot of truth behind them.

What if I told you you could have the life that you wanted or you could change your entire life around just by changing your thoughts and switching a few words around?

It’s called manifestation. Also known as the law of attraction, this long practiced and powerful information became widely popular with the release of the novel (and movie) “The Secret”. If you haven’t seen or read it yet I highly suggest that you do that ASAP!

The concept is that our thoughts and words contain energy and vibrations. When these are put out into the universe it comes back to us in that same frequency. When I used to speak I was very negative. Things weren’t so good in my life so I found myself in a slump where I would constantly expect more bad luck and more struggling.

I would use phrases like “I’m not going to get the job anyway” or “My life sucks”. And guess what? I didn’t get the job and my life continued to suck. I would constantly think the worst and my words weren’t any better. When I stumbled across “The Secret” everything changed.

I started doing some more research and realized this was a real thing. When you simply start visualizing things, you attract them! When you make statements with your words, by simply changing things like “I hope I get a new car”, or “I need a new car”, to statements like “WHEN I GET My new car”, or “IM GOING TO GET a new car”, the whole game changes.

Try meditating and visualizing things that you want in your life. Picture yourself driving the new car. What color is it? Where are you driving in it exactly? Picture yourself in your beautiful home. Is there a pool? Picture yourself swimming in the pool. Picture your kids playing in the big yard. Get as specific as possible. It sounds very simple and it is. But at the same time, it’s very difficult because we tend to lean towards the negative. Trust me I know.

I was caught in a negative cycle for years. It’s easier said than done but we have to start somewhere. After a little practice and changing your thoughts and statements it will start to become natural.

A good tip is to write goals on paper and put them on your mirror or on the wall. Get a dry erase board and write certain victories on it. Get yourself some short-term goals and claim that you were going to achieve them before you do. I am going to start college classes this semester, or I’m going to pass my test this Friday. Put it somewhere where you will see it every day and say it out loud whenever you see it.

I know it may sound funny but what do you have to lose? It’s been a long time since I first found out about manifestation and I’m forever grateful that I gave it a try. Since then I’ve turned my life around. I went from being an anxious mess with nothing to show for it to having a healthy and productive life.

Don’t think you’re going to manifest a Ferrari overnight, because things just don’t happen like that LOL. But having realistic goals and aspirations is the key and starting point. Put down some goals and start speaking life into them. You are definitely in control of your future and reality, and it’s up to you what type of life you’re going to have!

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