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Meditation is KEY!

People love to ask what they can do to be more spiritual or how to maintain a healthy spiritual lifestyle! Well, one of the easiest and most important to practice is clearing your chakras.

Chakras are concentrated points of energy throughout the body. There are seven chakras starting from the crown chakra which is at the top of the head, all the way down to the root chakra located in the groin. Energy should flow freely through all seven chakras. Unfortunately, we experience blockages quite often – especially if we don’t practice any activities to keep them clear!

One of the most efficient and easy ways to do this is by simple meditation. You don’t have to be religious or practice any one specific religion or spiritual denomination to meditate. Meditation is used throughout all practices and is a universal tool for maintaining a healthy spiritual lifestyle. YouTube is a useful resource! Simply search for meditation techniques, guided meditation, or how to meditate.

I will explain my personal meditation exercise in a few short steps. I perform these daily!

1. Sit “Indian style” so you are evenly grounded.

2. Clear your mind of all things.

3. Start deep breathing exercises. Breath in through the nose until lungs are completely filled, hold, and then exhale through your mouth until your lungs are completely empty.

4. Continue practicing your breathing in a comfortable rhythm.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you feel considerably better (IT WILL HAPPEN!). Blocked chakras are known to result in physical and mental struggles and meditation is a quick path to relief.

I think meditation is one of, if not the most, important tools to use in your daily routine. Whatever spiritual practices or religious preferences you are drawn to, it’s not a bad idea to at least try removing any negative energy and clearing up those channels. I promise it will result in a better spiritual and physical life!

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