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welcome to readings by judie Team ™

Readings by Judie Team in Lehigh Acres, FL was created out of our belief that your home and your mind can hold the key to your spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our talented team of psychic readers utilize ancient techniques designed to open your mind, enhance your awareness, and to repel bad energy and negativity from your home, business, or person.

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Founder/Psychic Reader

Judie Burroughs is a psychic reader, master healer, an ordained minister, and a doctor of metaphysics.
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Certified Master Shaman

Tim Burroughs is a spiritual healer and the co-owner of Readings by Judie, Paranormal Adventures with Tim and Judie, and One Time T-Shirts and More.
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Psychic Reader

Nisha Jackson hails from Fort Myers, Florida where she helps new and returning clients with psychic readings over the phone every day.
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Psychic Reader

International Tarot Reader 30+ years experience, Reiki Master, Healing Jewelry , Teacher, Energy worker, Amulets for protection or a cause or even to make a change, Love and more. Spiritual Guidance, Business Readings, Custom work available. Yearly Readings Available also.

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Psychic Reader

I was born Kheila Deanne Reyes in Cape Coral, FL at Cape Coral hospital. I had the luxury of having such a great step dad that he found it best to adopt me and give me his last name Perez.

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readings by judie Team ™ store

Take a look at the blessed products available in our online store.  We deliver nation-wide, with in-store pickup options for local customers.  Whether you’re seeking to enhance your success, bring magic to your love life, need help with your court case or grow your overall sense of wellbeing – we have a product for you.

Please contact us if you need help ordering, or if you have any questions about the products available in our store!